Friday Fido Videos, Part 16

Maaaaaaaaaaaannnn, I need some dog videos today!

Puppies Running Into Cameras

The only thing better than puppies running is puppies running right towards you and into the camera.

Via MrFunnyMals on YouTube

Ozzy the Sneaky Puppy

Okay, the running puppies thing is dang cute, but then you see Ozzy, who is really really really super extra really sneaky. The video wouldn’t embed, but trust me, it’s worth clicking the link.

English Bulldog Puppy Dreaming

This video is all I need to watch in order to know that people who are not “dog people” are insane and must be stopped.

Via on YouTube

Border Collie Herding Ducklings

And finally, from baby dogs to baby ducks, and a border collie that is super serious about its job. I need me one of these.

Via Sra. Bellamy on YouTube

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