Eating the Best Food Across the Country… from Home

Before the pandemic, we traveled. And a lot of the time, vacations were planned around what we wanted to eat. That’s just how we roll.

Then came the pandemic, and well, let’s say I don’t really want to die just because I’m jonesing for some awesome pizza from 3000 miles away. Until this virus is under control, I ain’t taking any unnecessary chances. Sorry.

And for a long time I thought, well, I guess that does it for eating really good food for a long time. Unless, you know, I make it myself. But then… it wouldn’t be really good food, would it?

Now, I’m not getting any kind of commission by plugging this website/app I’m about to tell you about. I’m too old and lazy to find out how to do that anyway. I’m just letting you know about it, because it’s made the impossible possible again for us, and maybe you’d like to try it too. I’m talking about

They got some of the best food from around the United States, and they ship it right to your front door. Perfect.

What Do They Got?

It seems like, a little bit of everything.

The first thing we tried was key lime pie from Kermit’s West Key Lime Shoppe. And oh my God, best key lime pie I’ve ever had. Most places screw up key lime pie but these guys know what they’re doing.

What else? How about really great Indian food, when you’re miles and miles away from any good Indian restaurant.

One day, I decided I had gone long enough without Indian food, so I ordered some dishes from GupShup Bombay House in New York. Definitely worth getting again. So good.

For my sister-in-law’s birthday, we got her some carnitas tacos from Rick Bayless’ Frontera Gill in Chicago, and a big old honkin’ 20 layer chocolate peanut butter cake from Lavo in New York. Sadly, I wasn’t there to eat any of it, but I might be ordering that stuff next. I heard it was amazing.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

What Does It Cost?

I’m not gonna lie, it can be expensive. So we don’t order stuff that often. But sometimes you just want what you want, and you’re tired of fried egg sandwiches.

Does It Hold Up Well with the Travel?

Some things travel better than others, that’s for sure.

The key lime pie? No problem.

Yeah, I’m sure that some of the dishes would probably be better if you were right there at the restaurant. But they package it well, give you good directions for reheating or whatever, and there hasn’t been anything we’ve ordered that wasn’t good, even after making its way to us over hundreds or thousands of miles.

Won’t You Die Eating All of That Food?


What’s your point?

So What’s Next?

New York bagels from Zucker’s. Arriving Thursday.

Jealous? You don’t have to be.

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