Friday Fido Videos, Part 12: Dog Halloween Costumes

Dog dressed as Michael Jackson

We don’t dress our dogs up in Halloween costumes for two reasons. First, we’re too lazy. Second, they would hate it and keep trying to get it off. But I do admit that there are some really creative people out there who have outdone themselves. And if I weren’t the laziest person on earth, and if I thought my dogs would like it, I would probably go with some of the following costumes, which are pretty cool.


This is the first dog Halloween costume that always comes to mind first. I’ve never seen the movie, because it just always looked pretty… what’s the word I’m looking for… dumb? But I know who Chucky is and I love this costume.

Via Viral Press on YouTube

Michael Jackson

I don’t know if this one is just a drawing or what, but how do you not laugh at this?


Lots of costumes out there with dogs carrying things. In this day and age, might as well be a UPS guy.

Via Kale Salad on YouTube


If you’re gonna do a Wayne’s World thing with your dog, the dog absolutely positively must be Garth.

Pumpkin Dog

What makes this costume great is anytime the dog shakes. Well done, whoever came up with this.

Via ViralHog on YouTube

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