Friday Fido Videos, Part 10

It’s been too long since I’ve posted, and way way way too long since I posted any dog videos. So hold on to your butts.


What are ya gonna do?

A Doglaphant?

That’s what I’m guessing you would call this. I’ll take a dozen, please.

Which Type of Dog Do You Have?

Mine are Type A when I’m trying to rest and Type B the rest of the time.

Harvey is a Good Dog

I just worry about his dismount.

Simba Cam

This might just be the greatest idea I’ve ever seen in my life.

Best in Show

I wish all dog shows were like this.

Weird Looking Dog, but Awfully Cute

Animals are just the best. I mean, the best.

C’mon Get Happy

That’s the song I imagine playing in my head when I see this guy.

Sound Up for This One

Best song I’ve heard in ages.

Welcome to Walmart!

This is just so dang cute. If only all Walmart greeters were like this, I might actually go into a Walmart.

I Mean, What the Hell?

And also, how do I get one of these?

I Can Relate

Cleaning is overrated.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Apparently, so I could post this video.

Dog Rides

I got no problem with this whatsoever.


My only suggestion for this one is they should be playing Chariots of Fire in the background.

Be a Bella

If it’s true you can be anything that you want in life… then always be a Bella.

And Finally…

If you don’t already have dogs, go adopt one!

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