Friday Fido Videos, Part 9

If you just spend a little time today to focus all your attention on these dog videos, you’ll walk away knowing it’s all going to be okay.

Dogs in Pools = Awesomeness

This dog deserves some kind of award. I don’t know what award, but some award.

Waiting on a Friend

I defy you to find anything cuter than this.

If Ed Asner Were a Dog

Ed Asner died recently, which really sucks. He was great. And every time I see this video, I think this is Ed Asner in canine form.

I Can Relate

It’s a game called “Fetch!… Oh hell, nevermind.” And it’s about the only game my dogs know.

If This One Doesn’t Make You Laugh…

Then you might want to see a doctor.

The Reason for the Drought

Now it all makes sense. This is why we can’t have nice things. But it’s still cute.

Makes Me Want to Go Get 30 Shelter Dogs

I mean, you just don’t walk away from this.

Best Mattress in the World

This is just the best.

Weirdest Looking Dogs I’ve Ever Seen

And how did they all get into the tree?!

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