Friday Fido Videos, Part 7

It’s Friday. It’s time for more dog videos. Even gonna include an old one of Mabel as a puppy.

And always remember, all dogs are good dogs.

Beware of Dog

I mean, this dog is lethal, man. Approach at your own risk.

This is What Happens When You Spend Time to Train Dogs

Good dogs. Every last one of them.

And This is What Happens When You First Start Trying to Train a Puppy

We were trying to do Mabel’s very first trick. We thought we had it all figured out. Mabel had other plans. This turned out to be her only trick for, oh, about the first 2 months.

And Now, Random Happy Dogs

Which one wins the cute contest? I honestly can’t decide.

I prefer this next one with the sound firmly in the “mute” position. But it’s still a strong contender in the cute contest.

Alright, the next one just might be the winner of the happy dog cute contest. Hard to beat this.

It’s a Friday Vibe

Definitely need the sound up for this one.

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