Friday Fido Videos, Part 6

Because I’m soooooooo busy with other stuff right now…

And because I have soooooooo little time to write a lot of content…

And because it’s always sooooooooo good to end the week with puppies….

… here are more dog videos.

Just Excited

Don’t you wish you could be this excited to do anything, let alone exercise?

Speaking of Exercise

If only I had this kind of motivation.

What a Good Dog

Now THIS is my idea of a walk. I mean if I were the dog.

After the Walk

This is definitely how I feel when the walk is done.

Another Good Dog

Everybody needs a job. And everybody should do their job this well.

Some Dogs Make Their Own Fun

Like this…

Or this…

Or this…

And Some Just Have a Hard Time Figuring It Out

Seems like I should be hearing Sarah McLachlin singing “In the Arms of an Angel” here.

And Some Just Need a Bath

Such good pups.

Have a Good Weekend

But remember, be good. Someone is always watching you.

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