Friday Fido Videos, Part 5

This has easily become my favorite kind of post to write. Dogs keep me sane. And after all, that’s the original purpose of this whole blog. I wanted to write “good” things that help keep me (and others) sane in insane times.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Wanting ALL the Frisbees

When people hoard, it’s not so cute. When dogs hoard… it’s pretty cute.

Everybody Needs a Comfy Bed

My question is how long was he doing this before he finally settled. Mabel and Gilbert make their beds every night before they finally get into position, and it takes bloody forever. A bed has to be just right.

I’ll Play Any Dang Way I Want

Look, you go run around the house with the ball like a weirdo if you want. I’m fine just like this.

Training for the Olympics?

I have never seen such amazing athletic ability in my whole life. And air swimming is the most technically difficult of all the events.

Training for the Tour de Arf?

It’s kind of like air swimming.

Yay Friday!

I don’t know how many batteries this requires, but I think the little guy in the back needs some more.

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