Friday Fido Videos, Part 3

Big Dog

If you ever get to the point in your life where you go, “You know, I’ve seen enough dog videos,” then something is very wrong in your life. You can never see enough dog videos. Dogs help you focus in so many ways on what’s good and important in the world. Therefore, more Friday Fido Videos…

The Secret Words

Everyone who has ever had a dog knows that there are certain “secret words” you can say to your dogs and they’ll go nuts. For us, it’s “dinner” and “prize.” We make “popsicle kongs” for Mabel and Gilbert, and keep those popsicles in the freezer. Each kong has a little solid treat to plug the hole at the bottom, and then the filling is peanut butter and pumpkin. Every night at 7:30 pm they get their “prize.” They lose their canine minds when we say the word. This guy can’t say the word “chicken” without waking his good girl from a dead sleep.

Via ViralHog on YouTube

Hey, I Don’t Like Escalators Either

I love seeing humans being kind to dogs, given the amount of joy dogs give us. You can never do enough for your best friend. If I were the judge at Westminster, this good boy would have won Best in Show just for this escalator ride alone.

The Dog Fountain

It’s like the fountain was made just for this guy. Everybody’s goal in life should be to reach this level of happiness.

Ralphie and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is probably the one thing that I struggle with most in life. Every day it seems like there are so many reasons to be mad at… oh… I’d say half the country. I could learn something from Ralphie. But it’s hard.

Via raisingFISHERmen on YouTube

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