Wish I Could Move Like That

Old couple dancing

Some things in life you can do, and some things you just can’t, at least not nearly as well as other people. Take me. I cannot roll up a hose to save my life. I cannot fold a fitted sheet (but not many people can). I cannot change a flat tire. I cannot sing. And I cannot dance or move with any kind of rhythm. That’s why I’m always so impressed with people who can do all of those things, especially the ones who can dance. If you’re one of those people who can, you should count your lucky stars that you’re not movement deficient like me. Here are some people (and a dog) that I’m definitely jealous of.

Little One Dancing with the Big Ones

Are you kidding me? Out of all the talents in the universe that are possible to have, I was given the ability to edit billboards as I drive down the road, and this little guy was given the talent to do this? Life is just not fair. What an amazing little man.

Via YouTube Official on YouTube

Little Girl and Hula Hooping

I mean, c’mon. This is what you call pure talent.

Via David Wence on YouTube

Happy Dog

For anyone who doesn’t think dogs can dance, check this out.

Old Couple Dancing to Bruno Mars

Just so you don’t think it’s only little kids and dogs who are better dancers than me, there’s this.

Via SteadyPop on YouTube

And Finally… Christopher Walken

Haven’t seen this music video in years. How can you not love Christopher Walken in the Fatboy Slim video from 2000? Oh, and by the way, are we really sure that young Christopher Walken and Scarlett Johansson are not the same person?

Via Fatboy Slim on YouTube

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