15 Favorite Kids in the Hall Sketches: 5 – 1

Kids in the Hall

Here they are. My five favorite sketches from Kids in the Hall. I love these guys. I wish I could do nothing but sit and watch them all day long. I know a lot of people these days are enamored with other people and things: Jake Paul (whoever he is), The Bachelorette (never seen it), TikTok dances (hey, whatever makes you happy), gaming (I think the last video game I played was Pac Man in 1984). Everybody has their deal. My deal is, well, lots of things, but KITH is definitely one of them.

#5 Drunk Dad Advice

I don’t know why I like this one so much. My dad wasn’t a drunk, so I can’t really relate to that. But there is something really funny about the embarrassment of your dad trying to give you life advice. Especially when he drives you out to a big rock in the country during your 13th birthday party to do it.

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#4 Painting a Chair

Gavin just might be my favorite character ever on KITH. Everybody seems to have gone to school with a kid like this. And if you think you didn’t, well, it was probably you.

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#3 Things To Do

I’m definitely a list maker. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. And apparently Kevin McDonald is obsessive like that too; that’s why he wrote this sketch. It’s just… perfect.

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#2 Censored Sketches

This one could offend some people, but it really shouldn’t. In my opinion, there’s a whole lot of stuff out there that people get offended at way too easily (e.g., cursing), and a whole bunch of other stuff out there that people really SHOULD be offended at, but aren’t (e.g., poor people starving).

Anyway, this is such a funny idea, to make up previously unaired clips that were supposedly blocked by the censors but now being shown on the last episode of the original series. Always makes me laugh.

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#1 The Care and Keeping of a Male Slave

This is the one. This is the one that makes me laugh out loud through the whole thing. I can’t help it.

One of the things I’ve always loved about KITH is that one of the cast members, Scott Thompson, was openly gay at a time when it was much more difficult to come out. Not only that, but he used the show as a platform in a way, especially with his recurring character Buddy Cole. Scott plays Buddy in this sketch about his new male slave, Brucy, played by Kevin McDonald. The sketch pokes fun at the ridiculous stereotypes that a lot of people seem to associate with gay people. It’s so well done, placing it in the world of one of those goofy 1950s short “documentaries.” I love this sketch.

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