15 Favorite Kids in the Hall Sketches: 10 – 6

Kids in the Hall Head Crusher

The countdown continues. My favorite “Kids in the Hall” sketches. There is pretty much no better way to take yourself back to the early 90s than to watch some classic KITH sketches. And I loved the early 90s. Because I had hair back then. I miss hair.

#10 My Pen

These guys just took the silliest, stupidest concepts and had a way of making them dramatic, brilliant, and hilarious. In this one, Bruce McCulloch shows his obsession over a missing pen, as only he can do it. I can’t imagine anyone else playing this part.

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#9 Chicken Lady

One of the most popular recurring sketches from KITH is the Chicken Lady. There are lots of these sketches, and this one might be the best, with Mark McKinney soooooo good as the Chicken Lady. And I love Dave Foley’s responses throughout, especially the way he delivers the line “a beer.”

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#8 The Chase

All five cast members are in this one. Two cops recognize three escaped convicts in a diner as they’re all eating lunch, and a chase scene ensues. It’s just so silly and stupid. And I love it! They even got the chase music just right.

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#7 Head Crusher: Rival

Mark McKinney’s recurring “Head Crusher” role is one of the best things ever invented. Who didn’t do this as a little kid? Except the KITH thankfully never grew up and decided to make it into a thing on TV. I probably like this particular Head Crusher sketch the best because of the epic battle with his rival, played by Kevin McDonald.

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#6 Dipping Areas

Okay, there are lots of reasons to love this sketch. And it begins with Kevin McDonald as the older woman with her “protege.” And somebody really did need to make fun of the pretentiousness of upscale restaurants in the 90s. Leave it to these guys. It’s just so spot on and funny. Also, check out the marvelousness of Bruce McCulloch’s hairdo, which is perfect for that time period.

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