Friday Fido Videos, Part 2

St Bernard

Another long week over. Another week of this and that. Another week of watching TV shows about British people solving murders in incredibly small villages. Another week of Mabel rolling around in chicken poop and me having to clean her up. Yep, made it to Friday again. And for no reason in particular, that means more random dog videos. Because you just can’t feel bad at the same time that you’re watching a cute dog video. It’s just not physically possible.

The St. Bernard and the Little Old Lady

I have a hard time deciding which is cuter, St. Bernards or little old ladies. Thanks to Brody and his neighbor Sally, we don’t have to choose.

Via KOMO News on YouTube

The Sneaky Dog That Scares Its Owner

Dogs are amazing. We really don’t deserve ‘em. But thank God we have ‘em.

Via RM Videos on YouTube

The Baby Cow and the Dog

So we already established that old ladies are cute. Well, wait until you see the baby cow playing with the dog. That’s pretty cute too. Now all we need is a dog and toddler forming a band and we’ll really have it made for sure.

Via The Dodo on YouTube

The Dog and Toddler That Formed a Band

I swear to God, there is nothing new under the sun. And it even comes with choreography.

Via Buddy Mercury on YouTube

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