It’s Lemonade Stand Season

Lemonade stand sign

Apparently I missed National Lemonade Day, which is the first Sunday in May. I’m also in the dark about who exactly is in charge of deciding which national days are which. I never got the memo… or email… or tik tok… or whatever. But I do love it when the weather turns warmer and you start seeing all the little kids with their lemonade stands. Kinda seems like a sin to just drive by and not stop to buy some. It’s also one of the few reasons to always keep a little bit of cash with you.

I just saw this video of a bunch of bikers stopping to buy lemonade from some kids. This is the kind of thing I love to see. Of course, if this had happened to me when I was a kid, watching all those bikers pull up on their Harley’s, there is a 100% chance I would have crapped my pants and run into the house. A 100% chance. In the 70s I was terrified of three things: killer bees, Big Foot, and bikers.

Via Lu Jerz on YouTube

Unfortunately, there are some mean, bitter people out there who seem determined to spread their misery to others. Seriously, it doesn’t take much to find all kinds of examples of people stealing from little kids running lemonade stands, or calling the cops to shut them down. I don’t understand people like that. And that’s why it’s so cool to sometimes hear stories like this instead….

Via CBS 17 on YouTube

So please, if you see some little kids running a lemonade stand, stop. Buy some. Because the only time it’s funny to harass little kids at their lemonade stand is if Larry David is doing it…

Via Curb YourTube on YouTube

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