Dogs Playing… Everything

Dog playing cowbell

Saw this video the other day of a dog playing on a trampoline with a little girl, even doing somersaults. So then I started wondering, what else are dogs good at playing, besides just fetch?

Dog Playing on a Trampoline

How amazingly cool is this? I mean, I can’t even deal with getting up off the couch smoothly these days, let alone navigate a trampoline.

Via ViralHog on YouTube

Dog Playing Volleyball

Are you serious?! 32 volleys? I never could get the hang of volleyball, and this pup makes it look so easy. I just hope the dog doesn’t get CTE after doing this.

Via VolleyDogPetey on YouTube

Dog Playing Jenga

Okay, I give up. How are these dogs more coordinated than me?

Via Celebrity IDOL on YouTube

Dog Playing with Butterfly

Finally, something that I can do as well as a dog. Maybe not as cute as the dog does it, but I’m pretty sure if I practiced real hard, I could do this.

Via metrosoft on YouTube

Dog Playing Drums

And now we’re back to stuff that dogs can do, but I can’t.

Via AcousticTrench on YouTube

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