Friday Fido Videos

Nothing real fancy here. It’s Friday, so that’s good. What to do to make it even better? How about five random dog videos. Just because I can.

The Dog Train

Eugene Bostick is 80 years old. He built a train. He loads it up with dogs. He gives them a ride. I want to be Eugene Bostick.

Via Forth Worth Star-Telegram on YouTube

Family Photo

On the one hand, how good are dogs?

On the other hand, I can really relate to the cat in this one.

Via street58cars on YouTube

The Pine Cone Dog

I mean, it’s a pine cone. It’s just a pine cone. I can look out my window right now and see 10 billion of them where I live.

But this dog is like, “It’s a pine cone!!!”

If only I could get as excited about salads as this dog gets about pine cones.

Via ViralHog on YouTube

Beagle Talk

What can I say? Beagles got a lot on their minds.

Actually I think the conversation is probably pretty basic. Something like:




“Hey!… Hey! Hey! Hey!”



“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”


Via Leo The Beagle on YouTube

The Great Gopher Hunt

Finally, this has been the main activity in our backyard the last few weeks. Mabel is OBSESSSED with this gopher. We have holes everywhere. Little ones thanks to the gopher, and great big huge ones thanks to Mabel. She’s a dirty girl.

Via Mabel in the Backyard

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