15 Favorite Van Morrison Songs

Van Morrison

The good thing about writing a blog is that you can just write about whatever in the world comes into your head. Well, I woke up this morning and it just felt like a Van Morrison day. So I’m gonna give you my 15 favorite Van Morrison songs. It started out as 5, but then I’d come across some that I just couldn’t leave out. So then it was 10, but there were even more that couldn’t be dropped. So now it’s 15.

See, the singer/songwriter thing just does it for me. I know there are lots of really talented musicians and bands all over the world, but I’ve always just liked the simplicity of a man or woman with a guitar or piano, singing their own songs. Sure, add a backup band, fine. I like that just swell. But I don’t really feel the need for a big light show or choreographed dancers or over-the-top costumes with bananas or pterodactyls on their heads or anything like that.

Back in college in the late 80s, I’m pretty sure my friends didn’t know what to do with me. Yeah, I followed the current music back then, but mostly I was sitting around listening to Van Morrison, James Taylor, and Carole King. I just like the melodies and the lyrics. Sue me.

Also, one of my best friends in the entire world absolutely loves Van Morrison. I mean LOVES him. So she gets extra points for that.

Anyway, here are my top 15 Van Morrison songs ranked. Not gonna comment on any of them, because they don’t really need any commentary. Just put on your headphones and take it in.

#15 Crazy Love

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#14 Domino

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#13 Baby Please Don’t Go

Via Them on YouTube

#12 Gloria

Via MrsHollyScissorhands on YouTube

#11 Dweller on the Threshold

Via FromIwoJima on YouTube

#10 Jackie Wilson Said

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#9 And It Stoned Me

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#8 Bright Side of the Road

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#7 Caravan

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#6 Queen of the Slipstream

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#5 Brown Eyed Girl

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#4 Days Like This

Via 51_Girish Chandwani on YouTube

#3 Moondance

Via barbichello on YouTube

#2 Sweet Thing

Via Van Morrison on YouTube

#1 Into the Mystic

Via Megan Smith on YouTube

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