Proof That Dogs Have Souls

Golden Retriever Puppies

I’ve always said that, if there is a heaven but it’s filled with a bunch of religious people who spent all their time spreading hate on earth, then I’m not really interested in going to heaven. And it’s kind of the same with dogs, or more accurately, the absence of dogs. If there is a heaven but no dogs are admitted, then thanks but no thanks. Because the longer I live, I’m convinced that dogs have souls like anyone else.

The best way to come to that conclusion yourself is to have dogs and be around them all the time. And if you don’t have dogs, the next best thing is to follow @RexChapman on Twitter. He simply has the best account on all of Twitter. I don’t know what second place is, but it’s way way way behind Rex.

Almost every day, sometimes several times a day, Rex will post a video of a dog that just absolutely, positively proves that dogs not only have souls, but in many cases are just flat out better creatures than humans.

Take this last week for example. I woke up and saw this post of a big dog saving a little dog from drowning in a pool. And if that’s not enough, one of his followers then posted a video of her dog watching the video of those other dogs.

And if that’s still not enough for you, well, then here is a live shot of heaven.

Via Master Ceng on YouTube

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