Little Girl + Pony + Tea Party = Oscar Worthy

Girl and Pony Tea Party

There are a lot of good new movies out there that I’d like to see. And I will see them, someday. Thing is, so many of them seem kind of heavy in subject matter and I just have to be in the right mode to watch 2 hours of that. That being said, with the Oscars quickly approaching, I got an idea for some new Academy Award categories that are more up my alley right now. I call them the “Soul Cleansing” categories. They all gotta be under, say, 5 or 10 minutes and serve no other purpose than to make the viewer feel better.

And there could be lots of variations on this. For example, here are my nominees this year for Best Kid/Animal Soul Cleanser Very Short Film That You Can Watch While Eating a Cookie…

Best Friends – A Kid, a Dog and a Puddle

Via Julian Burrett on YouTube

A Boy and His Dog Don Masks and Win Hearts in Ecuador

Via NTV Houston on YouTube

2-Year-Old Girl Has Tea Parties With Her Pony

Via Cute Dodo on YouTube

And the Winner Goes To…

I think all of these are worthy of an Oscar. But for me, I’m gonna have to go with…

Best Friends – A Kid, a Dog and a Puddle


I think it was the Queen song that put them over the top.

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