10 Favorite Dog Breeds: 10 – 6


Dogs are the perfect creatures as far as I’m concerned. And I love all dogs, although I’m still trying to come to grips with the idea that poodles are really dogs. So if you’re gonna have any top 10 lists, a top 10 list of favorite dog breeds has got to be one of the most important lists you come up with, right?

This is my list, and I know it won’t match anybody else’s list in the world. But that’s ok. Essentially, if I’m watching the Westminster Dog Show, these are the breeds I’m rooting for most.

#10 Great Dane

One thing you’ll notice in my list is that I like big dogs, really big dogs, even though I’ve never had one. Weird, but true.

I’ve always wanted an enormous dog, a dog where you need a backhoe and a team of contractors to pick up his poop. And there’s nothing more enormous than a Great Dane.

I want one. I want to “wrastle” with him in a big open field. Squeeze him around his giant horse head and have him knock me to the ground and slobber buckets on me. Because I’m weird like that.

#9 Bulldog

I know that breeding over generations has given them that smooshed up face and makes it harder for them to breathe. And I wish that weren’t the case. And yet, they’re so hard to resist. Those compact, stocky George Constanza bodies and all those wrinkles. I’ll take a dozen, please.

#8 Weebie

So what’s a Weebie, you ask? Well, technically Weebie is a Shiba Inu. But the thing is, Weebie kind of defies classification.

Weebie is the dog of my amazing nephew and his amazing wife. And she is the unicorn of dogs.

Extraordinarily delicate.

The rarest of the rare.

Sweet beyond measure.


I’m not sure if the Shiba Inu is the dog breed for me, but I think that a Weebie just might be. In a perfect world I would have a whole nest of them. That’s what you call a multitude of Weebies. A nest. You need a nest of Weebies. But you can’t, for there is only one.

And honestly, I probably have Weebie ranked way too low, because I’ve only caught a brief glimpse of her once or twice. But if she were around me more, she might just have to be top 3.

#7 Golden Retriever

It sorta feels like I’m giving in to “the man” by having the Golden Retriever on my list, because this dog makes everybody’s list.

It’s the face. It’s absolutely the face. So sweet, so soft. Just an all-around good dog.

You simply cannot go wrong with a Golden Retriever, can you?

#6 Labrador Retriever

I always go back on forth on Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. So hard to rank them. I keep changing my mind.

My brother is a Labrador Retriever guy. He’s got this figured out. And it’s impossible for me to see a Labrador Retriever without thinking of my brother.

Amazingly good dogs. And the puppies…. Well, the puppies will just melt you.

3 thoughts on “10 Favorite Dog Breeds: 10 – 6

  1. Hi Paul. Weebie is my granddogger. It melts me that you gave her a classification all her own. Nice to meet you. Kathy.

      1. I love me some Dan and all the Stoecklein’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

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