Bill Hader — Breaking Character/Impressions

There are some people on this earth who seem to be destined for greatness. People who are going to get there no matter what, because they’ve just got something that very few others have. I think Bill Hader is one of those people. I know that some individuals will set a really high goal, and they work and work and work and just persevere until they get it. And that’s awesome. But when you’re born with “it,” there’s just no doubt greatness will find you no matter what.

There are two things that I especially love about Bill Hader, aside from the fact that he does not seems to have an arrogant bone in his body. One thing is how he always seemed to break character on Saturday Night Live, far more than anybody else. And then there are the impressions he does.

Breaking Character

I’ve always loved it when people on sketch shows break character. They just lose it. Those moments are always so much better, and more fun, than the actual idea of the sketch. Just watch this video and try not to laugh. I can’t do it.

Via Kleis & Callen on YouTube


Lots and lots of people do impressions. Really good impressions. But what I like so much about Bill Hader’s impressions is that they’re usually of people that nobody else does, or thinks of doing. I think my favorite impressions are the ones he does of the reporters on Dateline NBC. Just so incredible and so funny.

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

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