Dogs Got Talent

Every day that I exist on this planet, I am more and more convinced that dogs have the best hearts of any creatures alive, including humans. Not only are dogs better on the inside than most humans, but they might just be more talented too.

There are lots of things I can do, but probably way more that I can’t do. At least not well. The three things that come to mind right away that I just cannot do at all are:

  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Roll up a hose (I know this one might not be high on most people’s lists, but I desperately wish I could roll up a hose so that it didn’t look like somebody’s tangled intestines.)

Well, it doesn’t take long to find dogs that are more talented than me.

Dog Dances an Irish Jig

There is no way, no how that I could do this. What a good dog.

Via The Dodo on YouTube

Dog Plays the Piano and Sings

Okay, the piano playing is spectacular, but maybe on the singing you’re thinking, “Dawg, it was a little pitchy for me.” But it’s honestly far better than I could do. What a good dog.

Via mustwatchclips on YouTube

Dog Sprays Owner with Hose

I couldn’t find a video of a dog rolling up a hose, but I’ll bet anything that the dog dancing an Irish jig could do it. As an alternative, here’s a dog spraying his owner with a hose. And if this isn’t real talent, I don’t know what is. What a good dog.

Via Waggle TV on YouTube

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