10 Favorite One-Hit Wonders: 5 – 1

And the countdown of my 10 favorite one-hit wonders continues. I must have heard each of these songs a thousand times each, and I’ll probably hear them a thousand times more. It might not be the coolest list in the world, but hey, it’s my list.

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#5 Tainted Love — Soft Cell

Early 80s, but holds up really well 40 years later. Did you know this song is actually a remake of the original released in 1964? Well, now ya do. I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song. Meeting someone who doesn’t like it would be kind of like meeting someone who doesn’t like dogs. I can’t even imagine. Extra points for the thousand points of light in the video.

Via Soft Cell on YouTube

#4 What I Am — Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

Such a cool, groovy song, with lead vocals by a cool, groovy chick. I loved the 90s. Did you know Edie Brickell is married to Paul Simon? Well now ya do. Extra points for the deep squats. My thighs are killing me just thinking about doing that.

Via EBNewBohemiansVEVO on YouTube

#3 No Rain — Blind Melon

Such a fun video. And boy, the 90s sure did have that hippie vibe down. I miss it. Did you know the band is still together today? Well now ya do. RIP Shannon Hoon though. Extra points for the iconic bee girl. She was the best.

Via Blind Melon on YouTube

#2 I Melt With You — Modern English

Every time I hear this song, I think of the end of the movie Valley Girl. Did you know that? Well now ya do. Such a great song. Extra points for the humming solo. Just think, if I had ever learned to hum, I could have been in a rock band.

Via 4AD on YouTube

#1 Come and Get Your Love — Redbone

This song probably won’t make the top of anybody else’s top 10 list of one-hit wonders, but mine. I love love love this song. Did you know that a lot of people didn’t know this was from a Native American band, but that they only know it from Guardians of the Galaxy? And did you further know that I have no idea what Guardians of the Galaxy is? Well now ya do. Extra points for the cool ceremonial dance at the beginning of the video.

Via Shane Combs on YouTube

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