10 Favorite One-Hit Wonders: 10 – 6

I caught a little bit of the Grammy Awards on TV, and even though those ceremonies are usually dominated by the same people year after year, I started thinking about all of the musicians and bands over the decades who were one-hit wonders. When they had their hit songs, it seemed like they’d all be the biggest things in the universe for years to come. But then they’d just kind of disappear and sadly you’d never really hear from them again.

It’s too bad, because some one-hit wonders are really good, and you kind of wish those artists had experienced more success with their other songs. So, in honor of all those talented people who at least made it to the top of the mountain once, I decided to come up with my top 10 list of one-hit wonders. Just remember, this is MY list, and I’m pretty sure you could poll 10,000 other people and none of our lists would be exactly the same.

#10 What’s Up — 4 Non Blondes

Great band. Amazing voice. And extra points for wearing every imaginable piece of 90s clothing in one video.

Via 4NonBlondsVEVO on YouTube

#9 You Get What You Give — New Radicals

For some reason, I seem to recall the idea that you weren’t supposed to like this song when it came out because then you just wouldn’t be cool. Don’t care. I love this song. And extra points for having dogs being freed in the video.

Via NewRacicalsVEVO on YouTube

#8 Come On Eileen — Dexys Midnight Runners

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good version of the original music video, which is kind of iconic. But oh well. I was just entering high school when this song came out in the early 80s, and I am telling you, or a brief moment in time, there was not another thing in the world that was more popular than this tune. Extra points for the overalls in the original video.

Via dexysofficial on YouTube

#7 Stumblin’ In — Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman

Hey, I don’t care if this is Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days. And I don’t care if Chris Norman looked like every guy who worked at Pizza Hut in 1978. I’ve always loved this song, and in particular the way their voices meld together. Extra points for the hair and the matching burgundy outfits.

Via NoMadU55555 on YouTube

#6 Bitter Sweet Symphony — The Verve

The thing everybody remembers about this song is how the dude in the video just bumps in to everybody as he’s moving down the sidewalk. I guess that’s the “bitter” part, and then the “sweet” part is the sound of the song. Just guessing. Extra points for getting some exercise at least.

Via The Verve on YouTube

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