Generation Z Guys Listening to 70s Classic Rock

I don’t have kids, so I seem to be in a constant state of surprise whenever I learn something new about Generation Z. For example, this morning I learned that they’re offended by punctuation, so I’m not exactly sure what to think about that. Apparently, some of them find it too abrupt, because they’re used to not using any punctuation on social media. I also learned in the last year that I also belong to a group with a label. I guess I’m part of Generation X.

“What’s Generation X,” I had to ask?

“That’s the age bracket you’re in,” I was told.

“Oh.” (Long pause) “So, what’s Generation X mean?”

“It means you’re the lost generation.”

“Oh,” I said. “Okay.” (Another long pause) “I guess that kinda makes sense. I mean, I AM always making u-turns.”

I really do learn a lot by listening to Generation Z. (They’re the really young ones, right?) I’m still confused most of the time, but I’m hearing and learning new stuff all the time.

Like with these two college kids–Andy & Alex. (College kids are Generation Z, right? I wonder what comes after Generation Z. Do we start over with the alphabet, and the next group is Generation A?)…. Anyway, these two guys are fun to watch on YouTube. And I’m picking up all kinds of new words and phrases.

“Lost in the sauce.”


“I haven’t done that ‘in a minute'” (where “a minute” can be anywhere from 2 months to their entire lives, but it usually never means literally “a minute”).

I just appreciate that these two guys (who apparently are both musicians) are making a real effort to discover as much old music as they can, and they seem to really listen to a lot of classic rock from the 1970s in particular. Also remember, it’s their first time hearing these songs, ever, which I just find so fascinating for some reason.

So if you like classic rock, and you like listening to college guys say “dude” a lot, you might get a kick out of a few of these music reaction videos of theirs. Good kids, good music.

Sorry about the punctuation.

Via Andy & Alex on YouTube
Via Andy & Alex on YouTube
Via Andy & Alex on YouTube
Via Andy & Alex on YouTube

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