The Two Most Amazing Baby Owls You Will Ever See

Owls are just cool. We once had one perch on the gate to our carport in the middle of winter storm. And with all of the snow everywhere, it was dead silent as I crept out there to get a picture, and capture its silhouette. The owl just stared at me the entire time, wondering what I was up to.

I see birds all day, every day. I love just sitting outside on the deck and watching them be busy. But there’s just something about an owl that just grabs hold of you, like you’re looking at something sacred.

The thing is, as cool as adult owls are, little baby owls are even more spectacular. When I see a picture or video of them, I just can’t take my eyes away.

Then one day, I came across a picture of two baby owls. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything to top it. I mean, c’mon, I wanna just put ‘em on top of my head and go to the prom… or something.

Wanna see it?

You know you do.

Okay, here you go.

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