There’s Always That One Dog

If you’ve got more than one dog, isn’t there always one that seems to be greedier than the other(s)? It’s also the one that always tries to game the system too, and usually succeeds.

I know in our little family unit, it’s Mabel. She cheats. There’s no nicer way to put it. She cheats. Meanwhile, Gilbert just sits there like a good boy and awaits further instructions. But Mabel… she cheats.

Every single time I feed them breakfast or dinner, they’re supposed to both go to their “mat” and lie down, then wait until we tell them they can eat.

Gilbert doesn’t like to lie down on the mat when he’s about to get his food, but he always does it, slowly. He gently slides down and folds one of his front legs under his body for some reason.

But Mabel… Mabel cheats. She almost always starts out way off the mat, trying to get a head start. And I’ll tell her again, “Mabel, go to your mat.”

She’ll spin around in a blur and lie down quickly, about two inches back. And we keep doing this until she’s back beside Gilbert. This happens Every. Single. Time.

Check out this little guy. He’s the Mabel of this gang. In a year he’ll be 50 pounds heavier than the other dogs. But what does he care? He’s the winner winner, chicken dinner!

Via Dogtooth Media on YouTube

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