Little Soccer Kids: A Guide to Life

These two videos of little kids playing soccer are just sensational. If only we all lived life the way these kids are living it in these clips.

The Hugger

First up, this video of one little girl getting really upset when the ball is taken away from her. Another player decides it’s time for a hug and a kiss.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite possible to always do this as adults. If I’m at the gas station and I see a big, old beardy guy drop his gas cap and it rolls under his Ford F150, I’m not sure that me going up to him and giving him a hug and a kiss is going to go over very well.

That’s why it’s awesome to watch little kids like this. They haven’t had innocence and kindness knocked out of them yet.

See the Video Here.


A tiny little guy goes rogue in a soccer stadium, and the crowd is into it. Massive cheers. Two fists in the air. Spectacular.

One day this kid is going to grow up and his parents will tell him what he did once upon a time when he was just a few years old. And they’ll have video evidence.

Maybe I’ll start raising two fists in the air and letting out a primal scream more often. Not always. Just whenever I accomplish something really great, like…

  • Making toast
  • Folding a load of laundry
  • Rolling up a hose
  • Finishing lunch

You know, the big moments in life.

Via Jukin Media on YouTube

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