Cutest Corgi in the World Loves His Dinner

Alright now, I’ve seen a ton of Corgi pups in my time. And I know the Queen of England has about a thousand of them, and they all know how to smile and jump and play and sing and dance and poop in a gold toilet. They’re extra cute. All of them. But I’ve never ever ever ever seen a Corgi as cute as this one… Meet Willo, the Corgi who loves his dinner soooooo much that he lets out the most amazing “Awoo!” when he’s eating.

I’m so taken with Willo that I think watching and appreciating his mealtime howls should be prerequisite to get into heaven. Seriously, if you can’t get behind this, I don’t know what to tell you. This little guy is the reason people have dogs.

Watch this video and try, just try, not to smile. I’m telling you, IT CANNOT BE DONE!

Here’s to Willo, King of Dinnertime Yummy Sounds!

Via The Dodo on YouTube

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