$1 Grilled Cheese Truck

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about doing this post. For one thing, I did a post not that long ago on grilled cheese sandwiches. Second, this couldn’t really be classified as “good” food, unless you’re like really, really drunk. And third, my goal for this whole blog is to focus on the good things in life, and this has to do with a guy’s seemingly angry rant on Twitter about starting up a food truck serving only crappy grilled cheese sandwiches that cost a dollar each.

But in the end I decided, “Yeah, I’m gonna do it.” Because who cares if I already posted on grilled cheese? And hey, maybe some people reading this ARE really, really drunk and would think these sandwiches are actually good. And finally, it’s not really an angry Twitter thread. It’s meant to be funny, so please take it that way. And my bottom line for posts in this blog is, “When you’re done reading a post, does it make you feel good? Or at least not make you unhappy?” The thing is, it’s a hysterically funny thread, and makes me laugh. And laughter is always a good thing, right? So here it goes. I hope it makes you happy.

I first heard about this a couple of years ago, and for some reason, it just recently popped back into my brain randomly, like sometimes just happens. There’s no real need for me to try to explain it. The best service I can provide is just to display the tweets in order, and maybe try to provide the text for the images, which can be hard to read if you don’t open the image full size, and who has time to do that? I hope it makes you laugh like it makes me laugh.

P.S. I know I’m probably posting these the wrong way because it always repeats the previous tweet each time. But I don’t have an 8-year-old kid on standby to show me the right way to do it, so I’m just going with it. Besides, this guy is rubbing off on me a little bit, and I can’t be spending a lot of time trying to put a high quality product out there.

In case you can’t read it…


Grilled Cheese – $1

That’s Enough.

If you need a drink go to a place that sells drinks.

$1 Grilled Cheese

No change given, sort out your own shit

Cash Only

I don’t have Venmo because I’m not some teenage asshole who vapes


$1 Grilled Cheese Don’t ask for a Goddamned tomato slice or I swear to God I will reach through the window, pull you inside and hold your head against the griddle, which will be embarrassing for you

More text on the truck. This guy is brilliant.

This side of the truck is not for customers. Do not approach.

This window is for me to thousand yard stare out of everytime someone tells me they “like my idea” but that I could make “more money” if I charged $2 or $3. Yes Carol, I know how money works. The window is aimed at a nearby meadow where a family of deer often gather and one time I saw an owl so I’m holding out hope I get to see the owl again. When I’m ready to get back to selling you utilitarian eats at rock bottom prices for my own amusement I will let you know. Do not ask me how long I will be, it’ll just make me stare longer.

If you would like to talk about Friday Night Lights, then ok. No I don’t know where a bathroom is.

And the thread goes on like that.

But I can’t just sit here and copy and paste tweets all day long.

I gotta go to the store so I can buy some really cheap bread and Kraft slices now.

2 thoughts on “$1 Grilled Cheese Truck

  1. Did this actually happen, or is it just an art project? If so, where and when? How can you earn a profit on a $1 grilled cheese sandwich?

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