5 New-ish Songs an Old Guy Likes

To people in their 70s and 80s, I’m just a kid. To people under 30, I’m ancient. I’ve been told I’m part of that lost Generation X, whatever that is. I suppose I do kind of consider myself to be “old,” in that I have no idea what Millennials and Generation Z (is that the right term?) kids are talking about most of the time. And musically, yeah, I mostly listen to stuff from the 60s to the 90s. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love some music from before that time, or after it. My entire life I’ve heard it from one generation or another, saying that the other generation’s music sucks, that it’s not valid. And that’s just not true. It’s actually an opinion that strikes me as insecure. There is great music in every generation; you just have to be willing to give it a chance.

Of course, there are certain kinds of music that I like more than others. I’m not really into heavily produced, computerized music. Or modern country. Or rap. It doesn’t mean that I or anyone else can say that music isn’t good. That’s not fair. Music, like all forms of art, is subjective. You like what you like. And nobody should have to apologize for what they like. Just listen to it, and love it, and feel good when you hear it. That’s my take.

So even though I have a special love for the music from “my time,” here are 5 songs from the last two or three years that I really like a lot.

The Killers—Caution (2020)

In my opinion, few (if any) bands have written better music so far in this century than The Killers. And “Caution” is just one of their more recent contributions. As usual, you know right away when you hear it, that you’re listing to The Killers.

Let me introduce you to the featherweight queen

She got Hollywood eyes

But you can’t shoot what she’s seen

Her momma was a dancer

And that’s all that she knew

‘Cause when you live in the desert

It’s what pretty girls do

Via TheKillersMusic on YouTube

Matt Maeson—Hallucinogenics (2018)

I liked this guy’s voice immediately. And maybe it’s a sign of my age that I tend to be attracted to songs that are a little more relaxed. I’m just a sucker for good melodies and lyrics.

Pushing past the limit

Trippin’ on hallucinogenics

My cigarette burnt my finger

‘Cause I forgot I lit it

Via Matt Maeson on YouTube

Peach Tree Rascals—Mariposa (2019)

Never heard of these guys before until this song. Man, this is a catchy tune. Just one of those songs that makes you feel good when you hear it. What else do you need? Along with the other songs on this post, it’s going on the playlist.

Skies are bleeding on me

Why’d you leave me lonely?

Feeling Whitney Stoney

Now I’m stuck and wonder where I ever went wrong

How could I be strong

I’m fighting for your love

Via Peach Tree Rascals on YouTube

Black Pumas—Colors (2019)

I happened to see Black Pumas on TV recently, and I just had to check out more because they were so good. You just get the feeling that this group is going to have some real staying power.

I woke up to the morning sky, first

Baby blue, just like we rehearsed

When I get up off this ground

I shake leaves back down to the brown, brown, brown, brown

‘Til I’m clean

Via Black Pumas on YouTube

The Head and the Heart—See You Through My Eyes (2019)

I got into The Head and Heart about 10 years ago, and almost immediately they became one of those groups where I said, “Okay, I’ve heard enough. I’m buying everything these guys do.” Their most recent album (Living Mirage) is just like the others in that it’s pretty impossible to find a song on there that isn’t great. It was hard to pick just one song from that album, but this one does seem to stick out for me. Love it, love it, love it.

Until you learn to love yourself

The door is locked to someone else

I’m just as damaged as you are

Scattered to pieces with you gone

Without the dark, there is no light

But don’t give the dust an instant night

I saw the signs you were leaving

But I didn’t wanna believe it

Via The Head and the Heart on YouTube

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