Naming Our Sourdough Starter

Since the pandemic started, Jodi has been taking online baking courses. We’ve had everything from croissants to calzones, from chicken pot pies to bagels. And everything has been amazing. Her latest endeavor is a multi-day class on sourdough starter. So far, so good I think. But then, I know nothing about starter. What I do know is that the instructor encouraged each person in the class to name their starter, as if it were a pet, because you need to take care of it like it’s a living creature. With that said, I’m trying my best to help her out. So far, these are the potential names that have come to mind.

  • Clint Yeastwood
  • Doughy Deschanel
  • Yeasty McYeastface
  • Dough Jackson
  • Bread Armisen
  • Mundfungus Fletcher
  • Fungus Fairbanks
  • 50 Ferment
  • Ferment Reznor
  • Leaven Costner
  • Leaven Bacon
  • Chad

I don’t know. This is harder than I thought.

If anyone reading this has a suggestion, we’re all ears. Well, actually I’ve heard that we’re 60% water. Around 16% is skin. I know there’s a certain percentage that is liver and guts. But the rest of us is all ears.

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