An Ode to Sleeping Dogs

Most of us who own dogs have something in common. We have a bazillion pictures of our dogs. And about 90% of those pictures are of the dogs sleeping. That’s because dogs sleep 90% of the day. Plus, it’s the only way some of us can get them to be still enough for a good photo. But there’s a misconception that all sleeping dog pictures are the same. Oh no they’re not. The variations are almost endless. Here, I’ll prove it…

Standard Dog Sleeping on Lap

Bed Way Too Small

Head Off Double Beds

Two Beds, Two Dogs

One Comfy Chair, One Dog Behind Cushion

Two Dogs Sleeping on Lap

Two Dogs Sleeping on Each Other


Parallel Nap with Human

Beagle Ears Out

In Impossibly Uncomfortable Position

In Food Bowl

Non-Beagle Sleeping in Car Seat

Non-Beagle Puppy Sleeping with Cast After Freak Accident Trying to Jump Off Sofa

Beagle Puppy Sleeping and Waking Up in Slow Motion

Via Slow-Motion Dogs

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