6 Favorite Laughing Baby Videos

Are ya a little bit down because it’s Monday, and because Tom Brady won another Super Bowl and won’t go away? Well no worries. Just check out my 6 favorite videos of babies laughing and I guarantee it will be impossible not to smile, it not laugh out loud along with the babies. Why 6? Why not? I originally thought I would do just the top 5, but it was just too hard to trim the list.

I couldn’t even try to rank them. It’s like trying to rank your favorite chocolate chip cookie on the tray. So here they are in chronological order.

Baby Laughing in High Chair (2006)

This is a baby laughing in its purest form. A high chair, a goofy dad. That’s all you need.

Via spacelord72 on YouTube

Quadruplet Babies Laughing in Bed with Mom (2010)

Four little babies giggling at the same time in unison. Hard to beat that. The only thing that could make it better is if they also had ice cream. And tacos. And donuts. And…

Via What the Family?! on YouTube

Baby Laughing at Ripped Paper (2011)

I’ve always thought ripped paper was hilarious. This just proves my theory.

Via BruBearBaby on YouTube

Baby Laughing While Dad Reads (2013)

The thing is, I’ve read that same book, and the kid is right. It’s hysterical.

Via Mary Haberkorn on YouTube

Baby Laughing, Chuckling, and Coughing (2015)

I have a friend who coughs and gets red all over whenever he laughs too hard. Nothing is funnier than that.

Via Beck Josh on YouTube

Another Baby Laughing While Dad Reads (2021)

I haven’t read this book yet, but I’m gonna buy it because it sounds awesome.

Via va247 entertainment on YouTube

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