The Amazing Sounds of Milo the Pug

You have got to hear the sounds coming out of this dog. They’re real, and they’re spectacular.

You see, one of my best friends in the world—one of the best people I know—is obsessed with pugs. She could watch pug videos all day, with Van Morrison playing in the background. That’s really all she needs.

She once lived in London, where she met Milo the pug, and it was love at first sight. She became his babysitter. It was her dream job. For Milo, you see, is a magnificent specimen.

Anyway, she sent me a video of Milo. And well, I just had to slow it down to see if I could enhance the auditory delights. It does not disappoint. See for yourself. I’m telling you, it’s the small things in life that give me a thrill.

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