Boggs: Just a Good Dog That Chases Sticks

Who knows how it happens, but you just tend to get attached to certain kinds of dogs. For me it’s always been beagles. For my brother, he’s become crazed about Labrador retrievers.

First, he had Dug. Is that a perfect name or what? Dug was a good boy. A very good boy.

Now he’s got Boggs. Boggs is a very good boy too.

The great thing about Labrador retrievers is that you can play fetch with them forever. If Boggs had a resume, all it would have to say is this:

Boggs is simply a good dog that chases sticks… usually in a lake. You’re not gonna get that kinda thing from beagles. Sure, my beagles will run after a stick, but then in a split second they’ll get distracted by the compost pile way out in the corner of the yard, and good luck getting them back.

Go on, Boggs. Show ’em all what you’re about…

Via Slow-Motion Dogs on YouTube

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