The Elephant Story: One of the Funniest Moments in TV History

If you’re “of a certain age,” you know all about The Carol Burnett Show back in the olden days. Back when there were just three channels. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you should Google that show. You probably won’t, but you should.

The Carol Burnett Show was required viewing back then and produced some of the funniest moments ever seen on TV. There are so many sketches in that show to choose from. For most people, up near the top of the list is the famous “Gone With the Wind” parody called “Went With the Wind.”

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But as good as that was, it’s not my pick for the funniest moment. That goes to one of the recurring sketches of “The Family,” where Tim Conway is telling a story about an elephant. Conway was notorious for going off script and doing everything in his power to make the other cast members break character. In the following clip, Vicki Lawrence tells the story of what happened.

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You gotta understand, TV was different back then. Especially on a show that was pretty wholesome like The Carol Burnett Show . So when this happened on that show, it just made it even funnier, because it was so taboo to say something like that on TV.

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