Music Video Reactions: Kel N’ Rich

Kel N’ Rich are kind of a unique story in the music video reaction world. Rich has listened to and played music his whole life. Heavy metal seems to be his main genre. His wife, Kel, is a classically trained musician who was apparently raised in a very strict household and wasn’t allowed to listen to much of anything besides classical music. So it’s strange to say it, but most of the modern music—especially rock and roll—that most of us know by heart and take for granted, she’s never heard. At all. And she’s a grown ass woman.

Now, a few things…

First, most of their YouTube channel is heavy metal, and I’m not really a heavy metal guy. I’m open to pretty much all kinds of music; it’s just that heavy metal ain’t really my thing. I’m more tender and mild, like the baby Jesus. But there are a few bands on their channel that I definitely listen to and love.

Second, Kel seems to be drawn to modern music that also combines some elements of classical music. I’m kind of the same way, even though, unlike Kel, I have zero musical talent. I’m particularly drawn to rock or indie rock songs that have strings (e.g., violin, cello) in them. So it’s no surprise that she and I share a love of Electric Light Orchestra, and that’s a big reason why I chose ELO for the two videos in this post.

Third, Kel does this thing where she just starts laughing like she’s lost her mind whenever she listens to music that she especially loves and induces lots of joy in her. It’s really funny to watch actually. I’ve never seen anything like it.

So if you like to watch someone experiencing pure joy, if you don’t mind a little PDA, and if you love ELO (because I mean, why wouldn’t you?), then you’re gonna get a kick out of these reaction videos. It’s best if you have headphones on.

For more about my general take on music video reactions and how it all got started, see this earlier post.

ELO—Mr Blue Sky

Watch Kel go berserk.

Via Kel N’ Rich on YouTube

ELO—Telephone Line

Now watch Kel go berserk again.

Via Kel N’ Rich on YouTube

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