Kids Gone Good

What were kids like when you were growing up? Maybe it was the time when I grew up (in the 70s and 80s), but I don’t seem to remember a whole lot of kindness emanating from other kids, or from me.

I’m sure there was kindness now and then, but for the most part I just seem to remember it being more like Lord of the Flies or The Hunger Games. I remember a lot of teasing, a lot of crying, a lot of dirt flying, and a little bit of blood sometimes. I remember a few bullies in particular in high school picking on a certain girl, and me not having any courage to say something because I was pretty small and didn’t want to be next. I remember chasing one of my older sisters around the house—literally around the outside of the house—with a knife. I wasn’t really going to kill her; I was just hoping to wing her a bit. Good times.

I do know that hate and meanness are learned, but also that those things can be unlearned. And I do realize that each generation has people who just seem to be more kind, and others who are, well, not so much. Maybe society these days is more aware, at least in some segments of the population? Less likely to accept bullying? Or maybe I’m just seeing kindness from kids more nowadays because of the Internet, with its viral videos and stories. I honestly don’t know if there is more kindness now than there used to be. But sometimes it seems like it. I just know that I can point to a lot more examples these days of really good kids, which gives me hope.

Free Hugs

This video is going to make you feel goooooood, and wish you had been there. A little boy at a festival in Atlanta just giving out free hugs. I don’t know who that kid’s parents are, but they are raising a little person exactly the way he should be raised.

Via ABC News on YouTube

The Baseball Kid

One little kid misses out on a free baseball, so another little boy gives him his baseball souvenir. Notice the announcers at the beginning:

“What are the chances these guys are gonna share?”

“None chance.”

But check out what happens. Another example of a really good kid, and more parents who deserve a standing ovation. Or at least a handshake. Or half a Snickers bar. Something.

Via MLB on YouTube

First Piece of Cake

This is a little boy in Brazil cutting his birthday cake. And apparently in that culture giving away the first piece of cake to someone is a really big honor. In America, it also means you’re announcing that person will be the first in the family to get diabetes, but it’s still a nice thing to do.

I know not everyone speaks Brazil talk like I do, so here is what the older boy is saying: “The first slice goes to a person who’s really cool, very sweet. And that is… Antonio!”

I mean, there are lots of ways to make your brother cry. Farting on the head works. I know this from experience. But this way is much better, don’t you think?

Via ViralHog on YouTube

Little Girl with the Lesson on Being Nice

Everybody needs to be reminded to be nice now and then. And it’s best when you hear it from a little girl with confidence. Enough confidence to explain it to her papa.

Via Daily Mail on YouTube

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