5 Favorite Dog Competition Fails

Fails might not be the right word. I’m one of those people who thinks that just about anything a dog does is usually good. And when I look at these five videos, I absolutely see five really good dogs.

I love to watch pretty much anything that has dogs in it. So I’ll watch dog shows, agility tests, a doggie day care webcam. Really, anything.

Whenever there’s some kind of dog competition on TV, I just have to stop and watch it. I love it when the dogs do really well at whatever the goal is, but I especially long for those moments when a dog goes off script and doesn’t quite do what he’s supposed to. And whenever it happens, I usually turn to my dogs and say, “See, you could do THAT.” It makes them feel better I think. And then they go back to licking their butts.

#5 Diesel the Bassett Hound Runs Super Fast

This is awesome not because Diesel the Bassett Hound does anything wrong. It’s awesome because he runs this course just right, but you know, he’s a Bassett Hound. And like everything a Bassett Hound does, well…. we’re gonna be here awhile. If you don’t think this is about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I just don’t know what to tell you.

Via lovebassetcrap on YouTube

#4 Mia the Beagle Acts Like a Beagle

Of course, as a Beagle guy, I was definitely going to have a Beagle on this list. Years ago, Jodi started taking Mabel to agility classes to learn how to do this. Mabel loved it, but Beagles have a tendency to be Beagles, which means they’re going to their own thing sometimes. So in this video, you got Mia, which is pretty much what Mabel would have been like if we had kept doing agility with her.

Via Catalina Denis on YouTube

#3 Rescue Dog Kratu Steals a Pole

This dog not only does everything wrong on this course, but he does it multiple times. It’s Kratu’s world and we’re just living in it. And just to make sure you’re aware of that, Kratu is going to take the pole and go home.

Via Crufts on YouTube

#2 Dog Takes a Dump During Agility Run

You really can’t blame this dog for stopping in the middle of the agility course to take a big crap. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Who of us hasn’t been on a bus or something and you just had to go right there? The best part of this is that they felt the need to show an instant replay of it.

Via Crufts on YouTube

#1 Golden Retriever Eats the Entire Challenge

The goal of this competition is for each dog to listen to their owners, ignore the temptations on the ground (food and toys) and move through it as fast as possible. Whenever I watch this, I can’t help thinking that this dog has got to be saying to the other dogs at the end, “What’d you get? First place? A ribbon? Cool. I got to eat a week’s worth of food in 20 seconds.” That’s what I’m going to be like in the afterlife. I’ll go up to people and say, “What did you do in life? Oh, brain surgeon? You went to medical school for 10 years? That’s great. I ate cookies.”

Via Golden Retriever Lovers on YouTube

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