Find Someone Who Loves You Like This Grandpa Loves His Granddaughter

When you get in your car to drive away after visiting someone (I mean, before the plague struck last year), how good is their goodbye? Do they linger outside and keep waving and smiling? I know that’s what Jodi’s mom does whenever we get in the car and leave. It’s a good feeling. You know somebody really cares about you, as opposed to just closing the front door and muttering, “Thank God that’s over.”

I like to think I give Jodi pretty good goodbyes. I usually walk out to the driveway. Then I strip down until I’m butt naked and do the Carlton.

I don’t know why she shakes her head when I do that.

Okay that’s not exactly true. I just think about doing that, but I don’t really do it.

What I actually do—and this is the God’s honest truth—is that I wave to her creepily like Mr Collins in Pride and Prejudice.

Via shofixti on YouTube

Because I’m a catch.

But maybe the best goodbye I’ve ever seen is this grandpa who runs and waves every time his granddaughter leaves. How sweet is this? I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying…

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