Chris Rosati: What If You Knew You Were Dying?

Quite honestly, with the events in Washington DC this week, I haven’t been feeling like being too kind. I mean, come on…

But I think that times like these are when it’s most important to wrap kindness around yourself. Try to get some light to break through that darkness. And I don’t know why, but I started thinking of Chris Rosati, who I always think of as “The Krispy Kreme Donut Guy.”

Chris Rosati was a guy. Just a guy. But then, way more than just a guy.

I first heard about him a few year ago when I saw a story about him on TV. He’s one of the thousands of people in the United States who was told one day by a doctor that he had ALS. His health declined and life got hard, really hard. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and letting that sucky disease destroy everything about him until the day he died, he did something remarkable.

He just wanted to spread kindness around to feel better. It started with the idea of giving out Krispy Kreme donuts. Just something that simple. And then it took off from there. He kind of created his own kindness disease, and he began to infect other people with it.

He died just a few years ago. But what an impact he made before he left.

And when someone really good like Chris leaves, it’s so easy to say, “Damn. Why do the good ones always get taken from us? We’ll never have him around again.”

But the key here is not to sit around and wait for another Chris Rosati to come along. The key is for me to try to become a Chris Rosati, and for you to become a Chris Rosati.

Here’s a good article about Chris.

And here’s his obituary, which tells you more about his life.

And here’s some videos on random acts of kindness.

And now watch this…

Via randomactsofkindness on YouTube

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