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Friday Fido Videos, Part 16

Maaaaaaaaaaaannnn, I need some dog videos today! Puppies Running Into Cameras The only thing better than puppies running is puppies […]

Big Chicken News

Since the last time I posted about the chickens there have been major developments. Really important, vastly huge, incredibly large […]

Dog c

Friday Fido Videos, Part 14

Okay, no more links direct links to Twitter posts. The internet gods apparently frown upon that. But it’s Friday, and […]

Boy with puppy

Friday Fido Videos, Part 13

Just when I think dog videos can’t possibly get any better, the internet proves me wrong. And it makes me […]

Friday Fido Videos, Part 11

Don’t know why half of these Twitter links seem to disappear after a few days, but oh well. If I […]

Friday Fido Videos, Part 10

It’s been too long since I’ve posted, and way way way too long since I posted any dog videos. So […]

The Art of Giving Away Money

I think one of the best things a person can do to improve their life is to give away their […]

Friday Fido Videos, Part 9

If you just spend a little time today to focus all your attention on these dog videos, you’ll walk away […]